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Thousand cranes


One thousand paper cranes line one wall of the W.T. Young Library's atrium. The exhibit runs until May 1 in three of UK’s libraries. Photo by Sabrina Hounshell | Staff

Photo from kykernel

Como sabéis Japón está pasando muy malos momentos, si queréis ayudar, aquí tenéis un proyecto muy bonito en el que podemos participar todos. Espero que las personas afectadasv se recuperen pronto de este desastre. Que estéis todos sanos y salvos y gracias a todos los que participarán en este proyecto.

As everybody know Japan has a great earthquake last friday. So, yesterday I found this blog called  las 1000 grullas ( the 1000 cranes ) made by japanese girl called Makiko and who is  living in Madrid. In her blog she is telling that she feels very sad and that she is very affected emotionally. Although her family and friends are ok, she still feels very distressed, so she has an idea. The plan is that each person makes an origami crane. She leaves video how to make it here (spanish), in english here. And she would be very grateful that you send her the photo of your origami to this address: And when Makiko will get 1000, she will send them to her country for to encourage her people, especially those who are in the most affected areas.

An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by a crane, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury.

Thank you to those who will participate in this project. I hope that all the affected people of this tragedy will recuperate soon. Be safe an healthy everyone.

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